How to redirect a domain in virtualmin to another URL or site, so it is not parked Print

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To create a redirect (temporary or permanent for a domain:

  1. Make sure the domain to redirect has our nameservers configured.
  2. Log into Virtualmin.
  3. Choose the domain for which you would like to add the URL redirect. You can do that by selecting the domain name from the drop-down box on the top-left.
  4. Click Services.
  5. Click Configure Website.
  6. Click Aliases and Redirects.
  7. Create Virtual Server : sub-server, put as Domain name the domain to redirect, Open "Enabled" features pane, and remove all checkboxes except: "Setup website for domain?" and "Setup DNS zone?" and click button "Create Server"
  8. Then in: Temporary URL redirects put as From: / (just a slash) and in To: then Click SAVE button,
  9. then click "Apply" link at top right.
  10. Done!

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