COMPLETED: mu01, mu11 and mu22 short urgent maintenance completed

  • 18th October 2019

2019-10-18 12:45 mu01, mu11 and mu22 are down for urgent cluster maintenance. All other services are not affected.
2019-10-18 13:25 mu01, mu11 and mu22 are up again, urgent cluster maintenance completed. No services are affected.

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Migration of mu22 server with a short downtime

  • 4th April 2019
We are migrating the server mu22 and all sites hosted on mu22 to a new server on April 4 2019. The downtime should be of one time around 1.5 hour, and a few interruptions of 5-30 minutes maximum. Please note that the IP address will change during the migration, which is transparent for most customers with DNS servers are hosted with us. UPDATE ...
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Hosting server mu11 outage: fixed

  • 22nd July 2018
2018-07-22 12:11 UTC: We are experiencing currently this Sunday an outage of mu112018-07-22 12:15 UTC: We got a monitoring system alarm, which alerted engineering, piquet engineering started working on it to restart its services.2018-07-22 13:17 UTC: Issue got analysed and cause and effects diagnosticed2018-07-22 14:07 UTC: Disk checks ...
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Joomla 3.6.4 security release - You are safe on our hosting - but still, please upgrade!

  • 25th October 2016
Good news: You are still safe hosting with us, even that now the latest Joomla security release is out!Today, a few hours ago, Joomla project released a critical security release 3.6.4, fixing a critical vulnerability, affecting Joomla 3.4.4 - 3.6.3.We have added a security rule to our WAF (Web Application Firewall) at Joomla release time to stop ...
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