How do I create a new database under a domain/subdomain ? Print

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  1. First you set your active virtual server to the domain/subdomain you are interested in.
    This is done by selecting the domain/subdomain you want from the dropdown field in the left column of your Virtualmin panel and then clicking on the green right arrow next to the drop down field.
  2. Next you select the 'Edit Databases' link in your Virtualmin panel and then the 'Create New Database' link. Please note that your account might have a limit to the number of databases you can create.
  3. Select the name you want for your new database. The name will be in the form {accountname}_{database name suffix} which you need to use when accessing the database through phpmyadmin or other scripts (e.g., Joomla). When creating your database you can select the 'Additional options for MYSQL' to specify character set and default collation for your database.

The new database is now available for use. You can also read our 'How to give a user database privileges ?' knowledgebase article.



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