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Ordering is very easy and the system guide you through the process.


  • Go to
  • Select continent and type of hosting
  • Select currency
  • Then select plan
  • At bottom you can sect language for the order process
  • Next screen select if you want us to register a new domain name available for you, if you want to transfer your domain to our registrar services, or to keep your current registrar and will then need to setup the DNS servers there. Please note that transferring domains can take 0-7 days depending on your old registrar.
  • Next screen select payment cycle (for yearly plan you get 15% discount, and with coupon below 10% additional for 25% discount total over monthly payments)
  • You can also select the initial site you want on the hosted domain. Select blank if you have a site, joomla to install joomla 1.5 and CommunityBuilderSite for a site with Joomla 1.5, CB latest, Kunena Forum, UddeIM PMS, YaNC newsletters and a few more plugins for a site. Please note that if you choose to install through our installers, upgrades will be 1-click upgrades when new releases become available and are tested.
  • In next screen, you can review the order, enter coupon code if needed and press the checkout button
  • In final screen you need to enter your address (important for billing and contact purposes) and finalize the order.
  • Then an invoice is presented and you can choose to pay each invoice as it comes, or to subscribe to a fully automated paypal payment subscription.
  • Once paid, you will come back to our portal with confirmation and receive an email with hosting details. Please read that mail carefully as it contains all your details to get started.


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