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Most of our web applications installed via our installation scripts, like Joomla of CommunityBuilderSite, can be updated in an easy way. As a site owner, you will receive an e-mail telling that a new version of a script is available. You just need to login and launch the update by selecting the site in the drop-down menu, clicking the "Install scripts" menu, reviewing the list of scripts for update, shown in orange, tick them and press the "Upgrade selected scripts" button.

Modules or applications which don't have been installed via our installation scripts will have to be updated manually.

A update concerns application files, like patches, security issue corrections, etc.

An upgrade is a major change which also impact the database structure or sometime file structure. Major upgrade are not handled automatically in order to maintain system integrity.As script upgrades are often a security issue, sometimes even critical ones, our script installer sends automatic emails reminders.

This is a system-wide security setting, that can not be switched off on a customer by customer basis.

You could set a filter to ignore a given email in your email client, but we do not recommend to ignore upgrades.

While our hosting prevents a lot of attacks before they reach joomla or your other scripts, we can not guarantee that some of the security design flaws fixed in recent Joomla 1.5 versions cannot be exploited by hackers despite our firewalls, by specially crafted exploits. So we really recommend upgrading.

Upgrading is a one-click operation, and will just overwrite the 1.5.x files by 1.5.latest files, without affecting the site operations (unless you have extensions taking advantage of older Joomla bugs fixed in recent releases). Recommended way to upgrade:


  1. Select first site
  2. Backup your site (see Backups menu in Virtualmin)
  3. Click "install scripts", checkmark the script that needs upgrade, and click "upgrade" button.
  4. Repeat for each site.


You can still do the above if you manually upgraded to any Joomla 1.5 version, that will simply put latest Joomla 1.5.latest files and will stop reminder emails too.

Same applies to any other script available through our hosting panel installers.

Note: If you do modify/hack any script installed by our installers, the changes will be lost at next script upgrade. Do not modify/hack, but write extensions/plugins that are independant of the core script, so that the upgrades can be made quickly when needed. E.g. when security vulnerabilities are fixed by new releases.

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