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E-mail service depends on three systems:

  • DNS (Domain Name Service)
  • MTA (Mail Transfer Agent)
  • UA (User Agent)


The most tricky part is the DNS as it decide where mails have to be sent, therefore we strongly encourage our customers to delegate DNS managment to Joomlapolis. This is a free services.

By default, when you create a new domain in one of our servers, we automatically create all necessary DNS records, including MX records. These records also include backup MTAs. If you delegate DNS management to us, you have nothing to configure.

If you manage your DNS yourself, there are again two possibilities:

  • You also manage yourself your mail server.
  • You delegate the mailserver to Joomlapolis.

If you decide to manage your mail server (MTA) yourself, you have to edit the MX record configured in your Joomlapolis account. By default, it points on the Joomlapolis server your account is hosted on: if you don't change it, you won't be able to send e-mail with your domain extension to a mailbox hosted on another server (the other domain will work).

If you decide to use Joomlapolis MTA, make sure the MX record of you DNS is pointing to your domain (mail.domainname.tld).


Joomlapolis hosting sevice MTAs (mail server) are by default correctly configured for hosting the mails of your domain when you create it. You just have to add the required mailboxes.


The UA, for example Outlook, Thunderbird, etc, are the software to be installed on your PC. They have to be correctly configured to handle your mails. You can find how to configure your UA in the following FAQ.

If you have other questions, please do not hesitate to open a ticket.

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