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When you create a new domain, the following mail aliases are automatically added:

  • postmaster
  • webmaster
  • abuse
  • hostmaster

The mails sent to these aliases are forwarded to your domain initial e-mail.

You can add aliases to any email account: To create an email alias, it's easy, just go to the hosting panel:

  • click on "edit email and FTP users",
  • then click on the email, and
  • in there there is a text-box "Additional email addresses": just write alias emails (belonging to your domain of course) one per line.
  • This text box can be used to easily add extra email aliases for this user. These aliases will also be visible and editable in the mail aliases list. and click save.
We do not support by default "catch-all" emails, because of huge load of spams generated by such settings.

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