My server down !? can not access my server !!!? can not access site ? can not access mail ? Print

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If you can not access your web-site, server or mail from your PC chances are 99.99% that your IP address simply got blocked by our dynamic firewall.

All our servers are protected by intrusion attempt detection firewalls, which dynamically check for attempts to access unauthorized ports, and block IP addresses which do try to access.

In that case check one of the following common causes:

  • You are trying to access Email through POP3 (port 110) or IMAP (port 143) instead of POP3-S or IMAP-S. POP3 and IMAP are not authorized from outside.
  • You mistyped the port to access the control panel or the webmail (maybe you tried port 1000 instead of the right one ?).
  • You are trying to use any other not authorized service of the server.

If that happened, simply try from another PC, or reset your DSL router if you get another IP address, or wait for 1 hour for the IP address to get unbanned automatically.


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