Why do I get forbidden screen when I connect to my web site ? Print

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For security reasons, we do not allow browsing of the folder containing your web site (public_html) and we only return the following files by default (when you don't give any additional info in your URL):

  • index.htm
  • index.html
  • index.php

You might also get an error message even if you installed a package, like jphcommunity, through a script installer. By default, the packages are installed in a sub folder of your domain. If the root folder of your domain (public_html) does not contain one of the files above, you will get the error page, even if a package has been installed.

You can correct the problem in several ways:

  • Create a file with one of the name above in the roor folder of your web site
  • Install a package in the root folder of your web site (make sure you selected root folder in the installation script)
  • Remove the packaged you installed in the default folder and re-install it in the root folder.


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