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You can change anytime your hosting plan within the same category and on the same server.

To do so:

  1. Login into the client area
  2. Click the "My Services" menu tab
  3. Click the "edit" icon of the service plan you wish to upgrade/downgrade
  4. Click the "Upgrade/Downgrade Package" button
  5. Choose the invoicing period from drop-down and click the "Click to continue" button
  6. Confirm payment method for the pro-rated upgrade price for the remaining of the current period
  7. Checkout
  8. Upon payment, your plan is automatically upgraded.

Upgrade price is calculated from a credit of the unused portion of the current plan and billing of the new plan for the same period.

Downgrades do not credit your account for the reminder of the period paid.

To change server location, or get into reseller plans, or for redundant dedicated servers offerings on our clouds, please open a ticket.

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