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Who does not want security on the Internet?

On our hosting, security is not an option, and can not be disabled, but if you experience security-related difficulties (Visible in some cases just with error 500 or 403 pages) please open a ticket and we will try to add a rule to our security rules for your case, if safe.

For that we need the url which does error. If it's not a public URL, please follow following instructions:

For that, you need to access the page which gives you an error, write down your IP address ( tells it to you) and then login to webmin panel, go to Errors and Logs menu, click Apache error logs, then check for the corresponding error entry, and paste it into an email reply to e.g. this email, together with url which does error.

Please keep in mind that we take errors seriously and test rules before applying hosting-clusters-wide, so reply time may vary depending on the rule.

In first year of operation, and up to now, not a single site has been hacked through our server operations, and that's quite an achievement, given all sites and variety of scripts and versions hosted here.


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