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To perform a backup of your site into a single file on your PC, following actions can be made through our panel:

  1. Click: Backup and Restore, then Backup Virtual Servers
  2. Click "Only Selected"
  3. Select the server
  4. Uncheck "including sub-servers of those selected?"
  5. Features and Settings: leave default
  6. Backup destination: Download in browser
  7. Uncheck "Transfer each virtual server after it is backed up"
  8. Backup format: Single archive file
  9. Backup level: Full (all files) (keep other settings in default settings)
  10. Click "Backup now"

And wait for download to complete (can be big).

Many other backups are possible in that window. Please remember that backups are the customer's responsability, including exercising restores and making sure that backups are complete.


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