How can I install a packaged Community Builder Site ? Print

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If you do not have activate CommunityBuilderSite when you ordered you domain, you can configure it after.

  1. Log on Virtualmin, as described in you welcome e-mail
  2. Select the right domain (if you have more that one in your account)
  3. Choose "Install Scripts" on the left menu
  4. Select jphCommunity in the Content Management System section
  5. Click on the "Show Install Option" button
  6. If you would like to install in the root folder of your web site, make sure you choose / and leave other parameters as default.
  7. Click on "Install Now".

After a few seconds, CommunityBuilderSite package will be installed. You can login with your Virtualmin username and password (not the default joomlapolis one).

It is possible to install COmmunityBuilderSite in a sub folder it you need. The url to access it will be www.domain.tld/installation_folder

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